Thursday, December 29, 2005

Top 10 Batface Achievements/Moments of 2005

10. Home Game Extremes - Lots of people laugh at our $.50/$1.00, $60 buy-in game, but first-time player Charlie and perpetual table captain Thum each had $700+ nights while Darling took home top honors for the year with his $1000 night at RC this summer. There'd be no need to tell you who the biggest loser was if hadn't been Champagne Randy who lost $....a lot a couple weeks ago at Shane's.
**Tulsa obliterated the most lost mark last night in the last game of the year.

9. Austin Pete rarely plays in the home game. Austin Pete rarely blogs on this site. In fact, most of us never hear from Austin Pete unless he wins big playing cards. Anyway, he told me to remind you of his $13k cash on Party Poker for finishing 3rd of 705 in a $215 tourney. He also wanted me to tell you how he fought back from a short-stacked, but do we really care? Nice job, Pete.

8. In the last year, Tulsa has had 5 or 6 jobs. One of them was as editor for American Way. While he was there, he somehow convinced them that he should write a story about our drinky, pokery trip to Tunica and the World Poker Open, which I did not win. Here is that article.

7. Sure it was only a $200 buy-in and sure 8th place only paid $900+, but it was a WSOP Circuit Event and it was Dan who finished in the money. In November, Gonz and Dan ventured to Paris in Vegas for some tournament action. Gonz proved that moving away from the batfaces has hurt his game. Dan proved that the only chance he has of winning is leaving the state.

6. Poker blogs are a dime a dozen. A few of us broke away from the mother ship this fall to start It was TBR’s idea, but Guns made it happen and apparently quit his job to devote himself to the site. In 2006 you should expect more trip reports, poker news, home game talk and Thum babble.

5. The Batface Egg Roll may have been invented in 2004, but it was perfected in 2005. was a hit; someone may or may not have top-shelfed Shane; Sang helped convince us that Dan was and wasn't cheating the home game, but there's no doubt that the Batface Eggroller of the year is Guns. How could anyone compete with his brother's muder in Matamoros and testicular cancer in one year? Well done Matt, well done.

4. I hate to admit it, but Tulsa is the 2005 home game schlogger champion. It helps that he flops two pair 78% of the hands he plays. It also helps that certain players (Darling, Dan, Adam, Fawcett) insist on paying him off. The 2006 schlogger will include all Batfaces and will be updated monthly on this site. You can not hide. I have a very slim lead on TBR for 2nd with a few days left in the year.
** Awaiting final schlogger. It could be close.

3. The night Comstock won.

2. We all give Dan lots of crap, but the biggest coup of 2005 was Pokerati correspondents Gentle Shane and Tiny B having press passes to the WSOP. We played in the Media/Celebrity event (I played at a table with Shannon Elizabeth and Nicole Ritchie (yuck)) and we had all access to the floor and the media lounge. I don’t know how to explain it, but watching the Main Event from behind the ropes without a pass looked like it really sucked. I was able to sweat TBR’s play for more than 38 hours and watch him play 7 hands. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Freeze, Fawcett and TBR Senior were able to benefit as well.

1. I don’t know if you heard, but TBR finished 178th in this year’s WSOP Main Event. If you missed out on this, TBR made it possible for you to read about it here and here and here and here and here. If you don’t have the energy, here is a quick overview of the four days. He got hammered, he was lucky and unlucky, he played tight, he got hammered, he played with Gavin Smith, JC Tran and Sammy Farha, all while wearing a goofy hat that said Walter. He was eliminated when he misplayed Kings early on his 4th day of play. The pay day of $39k was split among most of his family and the rest has been passed out to various Batfaces over the last month. All in all it was a very impressive feat, except for this which was gay.


Gentle Shane said...

How is it possible that the three dates I went on this year don't count as a top 10 achievement?

Tulsa said...

Well done, Todd. Randy indeed deserves kudos for his WSOP finish. Great year by for the BFs overall, I thinnk. Must have something to do with Gonz being gone and Tim showing up less frequently.

Shane, greeting Freeze with a hug at a card room on a Tuesday night doesn't count as a date. We already discussed that.

P.S. Todd, was Clonie's fake $500 backing of you in a tourney No. 11?

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