Thursday, December 01, 2005

Go Batfaces!...Shane Wins!

Unfortunately, The Rounder Club is now hosting their Monday/Wednesday night $35 tourneys less than a mile from where I live. For the third time in the last two weeks, Shane, Fawcett and I were in attendence, this time joined by Sang and poker celebrity, Dan Michalski. My tournament poker game reminds me of Joey Harrington's quarterbacking or TBR's home game play.....poo. After a couple hours of throwing chips away with bad bluffs and worse calls, I was crippled by my new nemisis (who busted me on Monday with A2 vs. my AJ), when I went all-in with a straight draw, only to be called by her flopped set, which turned quads. I lost the hand. Soon I was out to her again when she hit an inside straight on the river. In the 70 player field, Fawcett, whose over pair lost to runner runner flush, and I finished 30th-40th. Dan just missed the final table while Sang and Shane, who has finally remembered how to play poker after a 6-month hiatus, finshed in the money. Sang was out in 4th, while Shane came in 2nd, only after he and Como had chopped all but $100 of the top two payouts. If you want details on how the final table went down, you'll have to ask someone else, I had been home for a couple hours by then.


Garthmeister J. said...

If that picture is accurate, I am also prepared to have her as my nemesis.

Chuck Williams said...

Hrm... something tells me it isn't exactly accurate.

DanM said...

Shane also played in a $300+30 on Friday ... won $1k by taking 7th place ... finishing ahead of one of Dallas' most feared amateurs, Greg Merkow, who got 8th place.

Shane apparently has read a book about poker.