Monday, December 12, 2005

School YOU Go To?

There are several reasons the world of publishing disappoints me. I feel as though, too often, there is nothing new or interesting in monthly magazines. The cover formula of putting a known celeb or a whiny brat with a facemask makes me yawn. And there's never enough about the total awesomeness of poker.

Now, ONE new magazine solves all these problems and more! And no, it's not the long-rumored magazine Dan. Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you five awesome things about the fact that Card Player has a college edition:

  1. Young hot stud Freddy Deeb is on the cover of the current issue. God, this mag must be scattered across the floors of sorority rooms everywhere.
  2. Each issue features a "Card Player College Girl"(Say hello to Katie, pictured above, from the University of Michigan. Go Blue!)
  3. It's got a column by Matt Walczak. That's right, boys. Dare to dream. It might come true.
  4. It has stories by Card Player interns. They're better than any post Thum has ever typed. Not that this fact will show up on their cover letters.
  5. B.J. has a tournament report. Shane, take it from here.

(note: please don't tell me that this is issue number seven...I already know this, but I'm just now getting to this post, like, a year after I first saw the mag. go poker!)

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