Monday, December 19, 2005

New Year's Resolution

I have decided I will, flights and wife willing, play as many tournaments as possible this year. Because of my limited bankroll (read: leftovers from payday), I have tentatively set a sked for 10 or so low-cost tourneys at through March (and later, if it works out well). I will fly up that day and back that eve in most cases. This will not include my desire to start playing jackie’s-type tourneys once a month and such. Nor will it include my probable trip to Vegas with the family the weekend of jan. 28th. (My daughter wants to see the new INXS, and they play Mandalay Bay that weekend. You heard me.)

My tentative sked. If I pull this off, or even half of it, I hope to see you all there:

--Friday, January 6th in LA at the Hollywood Casino. NL multi-rebuy, 100+25
--Thursday, January 19th in LA at the Commerce, NL no-rebuy, 300+30
--Saturday February 4th in LA at the Commerce, NL multi-rebuy, 300+30
--Sunday, February 5th in San Diego at Sycuan Resort/Casino, NL no-rebuy,
--Monday, February 6th in Tulsa at the Cherokee, NL no-rebuy, 200+30
--Thursday, March 9th in Reno @the Hilton (WPT event), NL no-rebuy, 200+25
--Friday, March 10 in Reno @the Hilton, NL no-rebuy, 300+30
--Saturday and Sunday same event (if thurs and fri go well), NL no-rebuys, 500+50 and 300+30, respectively
--Tuesday, March 29 in Tulsa at the Cherokee, NL
no-rebuy, 100+20.

I invite comments and travel partners.


Tiny B said...

Over/under set at 3.5

No confidence said...


son of sue said...

I'll take the over...

Scott Chaffin said...

Interested in hearing why. Are these WPT or WSOP sats? Just want the large multi-table experience?

Tulsa said...

Yes, and with my flight bennies, it doesn't cost much.