Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Go Clonie!

Just a quick post to point out Clonie's recent score. Nice job and go batfaces (or quasi-batfaces).


Tiny B said...

1. Nice picture
2. Clonie has now passed TBR in 2005 winnings, although I have heard that she's been tearing up the cash games.
3. Seems like a good opportunity for her to clear up any outstanding debts she might have.
4. Can't believe TBR didn't make mention of JC Tran's 18th place finish in the same event.
5. Speaking of TBR and JC Tran, Gavin Smith is the coverboy of the most recent CardPlayer.

patrick said...

We know what Dan is doing in this pic, but what is Todd up to?

Is he working on his ability to unhook a bra strap with his teeth, or did he just "lose a contact"?

Tiny B said...

Hard to say.