Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Room Report

Played for the first time at TPC last night in their $70 freeze-out, and I must say that reports as to its awesometacity were accurate. Very nice room, game run very well, lotsa TVs, nice waitstaff, minimum number of douchebags. Well, except for us.

The play was pretty straightforward, nothing too out of line, which allowed me to take fourth by simply betting positionally and taking blinds. (The players were a little cally if you used the 3-4 times the BB formula, so I overbet a bit to compensate, and never got a call when I didn't want one.) Only saw one hand to the river before busting out, and that was when I flopped a boat with 3-4s in the BB (unraised pre-flop) and slow-played it.

Gentle Shane suffered a bad beat and took it well. We're down to two tables, blinds at 400-800, and he makes it $2400 to go from mid-position. He gets one caller, the BB, a guy who was pretty loose pre-flop and who seemed to catch just enough of his crying calls to hang around. Anyway, flop comes something like Q-9-blank with two clubs, BB goes all-in for his last $3K, Shane (who is covered) calls and turns over a set of 9s, of course the guy has a flush draw (5-6 clubs), hits it on the turn, board doesn't pair, Shane is out. He sits there a while, his face gets a little red ... you know the drill. After a bit of a rant at the Gods, as well as a none-too-complimentary recounting of the hand ("nice call of the raise with 5-6"), and in addition to a friendly discussion of between just which of the guy's ribs Shane planned to plunge a knife during said guy's ill-advised parking lot foray, Shane screamed "FOOK!" and left. Only to return a short time later, sit next to me, and berate me every time I threw away Q-3o in first position with the exhortation, "C'mon, you pussy!"

Straight E. says he was the second player busted, and I believe him.

Sommer showed up late and played in the cash game. I also had him walk me to my car in case Shane mistook me for 5-6 clubs.


Straight E said...

That's right, I was at a poker room. Let me set teh scene, he guy to my right UTG raised to 5x BB, I raised it up to 15x BB and everyone folded to UTG who called. Flop comes rags (10-6-2 rainbow), UTG checks I go in for like $2000 (more than like 70% of my chips), he raises to put me all in, being the nighborly sort, I oblige and go all in. On the turn he spikes a Cowboy to go along with the AKo he had. No Jack on the river. I swear I was the second or third to go out.

Straight E said...

I neglected to mention I had JJs.