Monday, December 12, 2005

Coming to Your Living Room: The Pokerdome

While I was sitting in Central Jury Room waiting to see if I will be called for jury duty, I picked up the USA Today, or as my business professor at Tulane calls it McNews, there was an interesting article about the boys at Fox Sports creating a new poker series in The Pokerdome. Each player will be in his own "cone" against the other players. The cards will have computer chips so the fans will know what cards are still in the deck. My favorite part will be the speed poker aspect with the players having to make a decision in 15 seconds or they are out of the hand. What a great world that would be if we could get Tulsa to abide by those rules.

The article also mentions that there is a $10 million entry with a winner take all tournament in the works. Wonder if Andy Beal will be involved in that. I would worry about the collusion and split pot aspect.


Tulsa said...

The only way this works is if they have Tina Turner come out before each match and say, "Welcome...TO THE POKERDOME!" And then Howard Lederer battles a giant for all the pigshit in Bartertown as a final table of Doyle, Daniel, Annie, Clonie, T.J., Phil Ivey, J.C. Tran, The Mouth, and David Williams chant "Two men enter, one man leave."

Also, during promos, we see Tina Turner hold up pocket aces and smirks toward the camera as she says, "Ain't we a pair...Raggedy Man."

That's a show I would watch.

Thum said...

Please don't respond to my posts. I don't like you anymore.

Tulsa said...


Thum said...

Ok. I like you again. I'm also wondering if Public Enemy will be singing the intro.

Shane said...

Celeste is dead on. Now if they just had a vocally-challenged dwarf playing cards while sitting on the shoulders of monstrous 'tard uttering statements like, "me raise!", "loose play begin now", and "who run Pokerdome?".

Also, dealers could be tortured every time they screw up. "Mis the deal, face the wheel."

Thum, shut up.

Tulsa said...

Re: "vocally challenged dwarf"

You mean Negreanu?