Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Broke, Backed, Countin'

Good column on the ethics of players backing players, some of whom couldn't afford the buy-ins to the major tourneys if they didn't have backing. (Reveals that two players, for example, had a piece of Matusow at the Main Event.)

I have many thoughts on this issue, chief among them being, "Who's backin' me, bitches?!"


TBR said...

Dude, I almost posted that earlier this morning. Very interesting. I don't know why thy don't try enforcing a simple rule of "if you play in a tourney, you can't back someone else, and vice-versa." Sure, it will be hard to enforce, but if it's such a small poker community, won't everyone know who is breaking the rules?

I also tend to agree with Castle on the ethics. Not that I think Lindgren is doing anything untoward, but it's simply logical that a person willing to buy in 4 people to a major tournament (and thus fork out $40k) has a vested interest in the outcome of his "team," however that is defined. As a simple example, you don't have NFL owners with mulitple franchises, do you?

Tulsa said...

Does this mean you're backing me?