Monday, December 05, 2005

Shane Wins!... Again!... sort of (not really)

Received an e-mail this morning from Scott Armstrong, who I'm told runs one of the best monthly tournaments in Dallas over at Kowboys:

Congrats go out to all who participated in the Kowboy's $330 event. We had 56 players with a $21,600 purse. Thanks go out to Kowboy's for hosting a fun evening and the cool raffle prizes.
The winners were:
Mark Farrar 1 $4,575
Greg Winslett 2 $4,575
Shane Kelley 3 $3,575
Arnie Block 4 $3,575
Danny McGowan 5 $1,300
Jeff Gibralter 6 $1,300
Shane Keller 7 $1,000
Greg Merkow 8 $800
Curtis 9 $600
Scott Armstrong 10 $300

Not bad considering:
(a) it's freaking SHANE for crying out loud; and
(b) he outlasted Merkow, clearly a pretty good player.


DanM said...

At least according to CardPlayer, Merkow is one of the top 200 players in the world ... at least this year.

Tiny B said...
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Tiny B said...

Good post Randy. Can't wait for your next post, sometime in January.