Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You like me! You really like me!

When I started reading poker articles, tips, trip reports, etc. on the internet over 5 years ago, a lot of the best players in the world (or about to be) were writing some of the best stuff. With the hyper-inflated poker boom, it seems like even more and more of the better players are writing. Unfortunately, they're often writing about non-poker stuff these days. Does anyone else feel like articles like this (from Mr. Rocks and Rings) , this from one of the better writers, this from one of my favorites and even these from my man-crush kinda..., well, suck? I mean, I realize we're nerds and all, but can you get back to poker and get over how it feels to finally be liked/cool?


Gavin S. said...

I hate you

Shane said...


Gavin hates you because there's only enough room in his heart for his one true love, Twinkies.

Clonie said...

You are so gay.