Friday, November 04, 2005

I Hate People

OK, so I'm anal about my house...but only because the fucking miscreants I invite over to play poker seem to be completely incapable of keeping food in their mouths or on plates or (god forbid) in the trash can.

So, I set down a simple rule for poker night. Don't expect dinner at my place and don't plan on bringing any with you. Of course this rule was completely ignored, but I guess this should be expected from this group of jag-offs.

Why the rant? Apparently one of last night's guests must have thought that my house rules were unfair and as a passive-aggressive effort to inform me of such, they left me For those who have never heard of a top shelf, you have now been forwarned.

For those of you who were at my house last night, one word: death.


Gonz said...

Did this actually happen, or are you just being hyperbolic?

Sommer said...

hyperbowlic would have been funnier

Chuck Williams said...

I'd crack some heads Shane. That shit will float (bad pun, sorry) in college, but your pals are all 30-somethings (or at least 20-somethings).

One would think that the receding hairlines of your crew would bring some maturity. But what do I know, I'm no professional.