Friday, November 04, 2005

Further proof of why was a good idea

As most of you know, our blog is a new and improved version of this blog. Dan, who runs that blog, has made some indirect comments/challenges towards us since we've launched. He doesn't get that we're blogging for fun, not a career. Anyway, here's an example.
- "you know what life of misery those new bloggers are in for. secretly inside i will snicker. "

If you stopped by Pokerati yesterday, you saw that it looked something like this. Luckily for Dan, he was able to get a hold of the guy that runs our blog. Here's his recap of what happened next....I had a voicemail on my phone when we left lunch..dan had left a panicked message about the site, said he admittedly deleted some files he probably shouldnt have, begged to call and hopefully come by. I called him back from the car, he was fear-stricken - i told him i was in the neighborhood and would come by. I think i woke Sang up, dan had 10 gallon bags under his eyes. His office looked like a pipe bomb had gone off in his laundry basket (isnt he common law married to a guy that owns a freaking dry cleaners?) he said he recreated the file he deleted, but it still wasnt working. After almost a full second of looking at it, it was clear as day he had spelled the word "smiles" wrong in the filename. edit, rename, works. i got up and left.

So I guess I posted all of this to say, Dan - I'm snickering.


Sommer said...

The great thing about "running this blog" ( that is) is that it isn't necessary - it runs itself. It's an unfortunate side effect that pokerati actually needs to be "run" - one that piles on needless complexity to a hobby that should (and means to be) about content. It's not the strongest defense for very-obvious reasons, but the guy who built pokerati has, quite literally, been trepaned. By choice. That may help explain why the underlying sofware is - on its best day - poo. The code this guy wrote is basically a 3 story contraption forged from squirrels, oyster crackers, and an intricate pully system. So, 2 points to Dan for effort in keeping it running, but minus several million for bad judgement. Also, his house was actually quite clean.

Anonymous said...

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dan m said...

>>He doesn't get that we're blogging for fun, not a career.<<

i do get it sommer ... i just chose to make my career about increasing fun potential for my friends. it's not a bad gig, actually. of course, now i just need to find new friends.

(because believe it or not, even though i composed 90 percent of the content on pokerati, the little bit you guys did contribute was very important to the overall pokerati flavor. you guys were like the salt and pepper to my meat ... or something like that.)

p.s. thanks for coming over to help fix my blog.

Sommer said...

I didnt write that dan.

In fact, my comment was about exactly what you said - that it should be for fun but that you unfortunately have to hassle with the code, which isnt.

Chuck Williams said...

I also have a blog. It is very easy to run. I also have a Moveable Type blog, which, once set up, is very easy to run as well.

Dan has solid content, but his software moves like a pregnant yak.

I'm not sure what I like better, or Moveable Type. The one thing I like about MT is that I can periodically make a backup of the MySQL database. I'm not sure if that is possible on Blogger, although I haven't looked.

Maybe I should. I'd hate to lose the 125 or so posts I have made. Well, I'd hate to lose half of them.

BTW... nice work Batfaces. My only "constructive criticism" would be that you can edit the template to make it a bit "prettier" without too much effort. Might increase your traffic and retention.

But I'm no professional.