Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where have you been all my life, blog?

Ah, July 1st.  We're halfway through the year yet it feels as if football season is eons away.  Everyone's talking about Georgia as your feel good pick of the year.  True, they have tons of talent but I can't imagine a team with red and grey as their colors winning a national championship.  Therefore, I'm ruling out Georgia.  Because they have red and grey.  Georgia down.  Good luck even winning the SEC.

But now to a more important topic:  the Chicago Cubs and their inability to win on the road. 
As the only Cub fan in my group of friends (3), I have a great sense of pride when they win.  Unfortunately, that doesn't happen away from the friendly confines.  Last weekend, on the south side, I thought I was watching the ChiSox and the lowly Rangers; it was ridiculous! Who's with me???  I hate to complain about a team in first place but it's not even the All-Star break and I've got those knots in my stomach like they're about to blow it worse than my girlfriend on her recent "suck the penis" contest at the local Carlos and Charlie's.  Or blow it worse than Lee's idiotic frontal charge at Gettysburg.  Ugh!

The ESPYS are dumb.
I'd rather vote for Obama than subject myself to a sports award show.  I mean, seriously...the only sports award show I'd ever go to is the awards presentation when you finish the golf scramble at the over-priced country club.  And that's only because you know the trophy's going to be spectacular, albeit it won't be given to me, it's still nice to see which group of hacks cheated their way to a 59 using two sets of rentals.

Anyway, it's good to finally post here.  Even though I don't remember everyone's name, I won't shy away from your harsh criticism of my amateurish and baseless opinions.


Anonymous said...

Go cubs, and aggies suck. Good work, Nick.


Tiny B said...

Welcome aboard, Nick. I'm looking forward to more ramblings from you. Have you learned how to play craps yet?

Anonymous said...

Its about time we have a post that is well thought out, funny, and sports-relevant. Please post more, gripper.

son of sue said...

Glad to see you finally post, gripper.

Gentle Shane said...

Fuck you, Nick...and Todd, too.

Tulsa said...

K-7 plays