Sunday, July 06, 2008


I don't know about you guys, but has Dan's lack of content on Pokerati been somewhat disappointing? I'm not talking about Pokerati's content, just what Dan has posted. My roommate in college first told me about Pokerati about 5 years ago, when most posts were about yall's home games and the Dallas poker scene in general, and I have been a loyal reader ever since. When Dan started adding contributors like Karridy, and that Michele Lewis chick, I was excited because it seemed like he was getting "more serious." Then Tom Schnieder came along, Cali Jen started posting, and Dan moved to Vegas and I thought, Wow, pokerati is going to be competing with Pauley's website, as THE place to follow the WSOP. Man, what a let down. If it wasn't for Cali Jen (who maybe the best poker writer in the business), and some dude named Kevin Mathews, there wouldn't be any content. Sure, Dan has the Country Leaderboard, and the occasional 2 minute podcast with Pauley but that's about it. Where is the live blog, the behind the scene's stories, the Dallas player profiles, the inside scoop as to what is REALLY going on at the Rio???? Instead, we get pictures of a dumpster fire and talk about All-In Energy drink. Oh well, maybe next year.


Gentle Shane said...

Dan is too busy driving ad sales.

Dantallica said...

Who is Gripper? I don't remember getting a ballot in the mail. Do I still have blackball privileges?

I'm so gonna talk to Clonie about this.