Saturday, July 26, 2008

2-7 Triple Draw is the new sports

This may be the greatest game ever. Live blog commencing...

5:40.... tripled my starting stack. position seems to be very important. Lot of bluffing.

5:43... two pair turns into 9-low and no call on the river. Up to 1700 (from 500)

5:46... (Omaha side game) Guess what, if I raise with Aces single suited in position, you are my only caller and the board flops a middle pair, I'm not going to believe your silly pot-size bluffs on the flop and turn, Timbo566. Just not gonna. SHIP IT.

5:51... Just dealt 2-3-4-5-7. Called the the nutz, kidz.

5:56... This just in: play ANY hand on the button.

5:59... (Omaha side game) NicePercy, thanks for the nice double up.

6:04... Still relevant? Discuss.

6:09... Damn, think I may have just gotten bluffed. Well played, Greedy Tee, well played indeed.

6:14... Just doubled up Greedy Tee. Not as good as he is.

6:19... just put Superxx all in after the second draw. He had drawn one, I stood pat with a pair of fives. He either made it or he didn't. No call from Superxx. Daddy like.

6:22... Finally misplayed a hand. Let Eric122 draw for free. Also, straights count against you.

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Dantana said...

No Single draw? I thought THAT was the new game ... no?