Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Batface makes good, music

Tip o' the cap to one of the two most famous Batface drummers Mike Simmons as his band Menkena puts out some wistfully soothing new tuneage. If I had to make an analogy (which I often do, but which typically clarifies things like a 7 year old using the cast of Sponge Bob to describe undulating oil prices - wait, crap..) - i'd say it's kinda like Mazzy Star and the Psychedelic Furs huddled together for warmth 2 miles from a Sigur Ros concert.

Fans desiring an autograph are recommended to catch him at the card table where his sig already fetches around $60 a week.

Update: Catch Menkena at Dada on July 19th.

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