Monday, June 16, 2008

The Significance of Eric's Big Finish

...and by finish, I mean his closing move in the sack.

Seriously, I'm referring to his impressive finish in event 23 at this year's World Series of Poker. This marked the third WSOP cash by a Batface and it also marks a significant improvement over past triumphs.

Special thanks to Zach for sending these numbers to me. Here's the story:

Randy Brown (aka TBR or Tibber) makes Batface history by going deep in the 2005 WSOP Main Event. Randy finished 178th out of a field of 5919 for winnings of $39,075. He beat 97 percent of the field and his winnings represent a 290 percent return over the tournament buy-in. This performance still stands as the largest Batface cash in a WSOP event.

Zach Ballenger was the next Batface to make a run at glory. At the 2006 WSOP, he went deep into a $2500 Buy-in, No Limit Event. Zach finished 50th in a field of 1290 to outlast 97.2 percent of the field. His $8901 in winnings represented a 280 percent return over the buy-in.

Eric's recent performance saw him placing 25th in a field of 1344, meaning he bested 98.2 percent of the field and saw a 600-plus percent return over the tournament buy-in. Statistically, this is clearly the best performance of any Batface at the WSOP.

Todd "Tiny B" Phillips at least deserves honorable mention with his 5th place finish in the $1500 Buy-in No limit Event at the 2006 WSOP Circuit Event in Tunica. Although not a WSOP venue performance, this finish stands as the lone Batface final table appearance at a major tournament. In finishing 5th out 228, Todd outclassed 97.8 percent of the field and his pay-out was a whopping 1225 percent return over the buy-in.

In another post, we should lay odds on who will be the first Batface to make a WSOP final table...or possibly win a bracelet? Coming soon.

Incidentally, I've played in 6 WSOP events and haven't ever made it past the first break, much less cashed. Doesn't matter though, 'cuz I'm killing it at the cash games.


Sommer said...

Awesome. So miss the fat, bloated Eric. I really hope that version goes on the official $3 Batface chip. Is it too soon to interview directors for our documentary?

Sommer said...

Ok, the Zach Ballenger wine comes in a box link just came close to getting kicked out of this coffee shop. May have never laughed that hard. Shane is the master.

Tulsa said...

Agreed. Still laughing next morning over Zach link.

Dantana said...

Um, technically ... just sayin':