Friday, June 13, 2008

Event 23 Day 1

Woke up this morning to the following texts:
Tiny B - I'm out.

Eric 1:31 EST - Thru level 8. Crippled on last hand. Have 12K in chips. 200 left. Short stack time, baby. Can you say, fuck it, crack 'em? Todd out and sleepy. Went out about 215ish. Randy reports Tim is hammered and yelling at people, predicts he'll get kicked out of casino. I will not tell him what room I'm in.

Eric 2:13 EST - 29k. Just tripled up through t.j.

Eric 2:14 EST - 170 left. At 31k.

Eric 2:40 EST - Moved next to Hellmuth. First hand dealt AA. 53k

Eric 4:03 EST - 136 left. I have 43k. A little above average. Hellmuth lost 40k on last hand, dude's buddies started mocking hellmuth, al hell broke loose. Go Batfaces.

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