Friday, June 13, 2008

Event 23 Day 2 Preview

Eric starts the day off with 43,100 TC, which is good enough for 53rd out of 134 remaining. Here is how his first table today will look:

1 - Dan Hill 24,500
2 - Yue F. Huang 23,300
3 - Eric Celeste 43,100
4 - Brandon Marz 13,500
5 - Badih Bounahra 59,600
6 - David Campbell 15,200
7 - Katelyn Tupper 36,000
8 - Scott Bohlman46,300
9 - Andrew Lee 20,800

The only two people at this table with any real kind of tournament experience is Scott Bohlman and Andrew Lee. Bolham has career winnings of over $445,000, while Lee made a final table in one of last years $1,500 WSOP event. The good thing is both of these guys are on Eric's right, which will definitely help.

With the blinds being massive compared to the chip counts,(1500 - 3000 with a 200 ante), look for Campbell, Marz, Lee, Hang, and possibly Hill to be in a double up or go home mood. If Eric gets good cards right out of the gate, he could really add to his chip count, but if he only gets marginal cards, watch out. Now is definitely not the time to be bluffing. I bet we lose 20 players in the first 30 minutes.

Check back here for updates.

Go Batfaces!

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