Friday, June 27, 2008

Overheard at Mavs Headquarters

Donnie N.: Look, Mark, until you pay my daddy what you owe, me and the guys aren't gonna help with the draft tonight.

Mark C.: So, hardball is it? I don't need your help anyway.

Donnie N.: Fine.

Mark C.: Fine.

Donnie N.: FINE.

Mark C.: FINE.


Mark C.: Donnie, what if I send pops a case of scotch, and we just use the Yahoo! autodraft feature?

Donnie N.: Works for me, coach.

Mark C.: Now, let me get back to watching my Cubs game. I'll pin all of this on Avery in my blog tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sommer said...

awesome, but gives them both far too much credit for forethought.