Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WSOP Countdown: Tomorrow

In the spirit of the Batfaces on our first group venture to Vegas (hard to believe), I thought I'd include this little gem archive e-mail of the week from Tulsa, originally sent over four years ago:

"[ Randy, if you would, please forward this to the group... ]
Several sources indicate I got really drunk last night. It seems that, within the last hour or so of the evening, I:

1. Basically gave away the $110 or so I'd worked hard to obtain, ignoring advice to not, say, raise bets with a 3-9 in the hole 2. Became more interested in punching or slapping Tim than playing cards 3. Annoyed the table with my selection of salsa music 4. Broke a glass 5. Began eating humus with my fingers 6. Wrestled Tim in the kitchen, which is what caused me to shatter my coffee pot and really, really hurt my shoulder blade 7. Told everyone to get the hell out of my house 8. Said goodbye to Tim from my front porch while trying to induce vomiting

My wife reports more embarrassing behavior afterward, which no one really needs to know about but which did result in her statement this morning: "I'm not very proud of you."
I blame the stein. You pour one beer in there, and the amount looks insufficient. I now know better. From this point forward, I shall break out the stein only for St. Patrick's Day.
In summation, to those who were offended, I apologize. To those who chuckled while pilfering my pile, I hope you're proud of yourselves, taking advantage of a drunken buffoon like that. To those who were entertained, god bless you.

Poker tonight?


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