Saturday, July 08, 2006

After Day One

Zach sits in the money, 31st place, with 42,700TC. From CardPlayer's update log:

"Biggest Pot of the Night"

A player in mid-position opened the bet and Zach Ballenger reraised. The mid-posiiton player called and the flop came down Jack-high. Ballenger's opponent moved all-in and Ballenger called, having him covered. Ballenger flipped up pocket Kings, but his opponent turned over pocket Jacks for top set. With over $30,000 in the pot, the turn put an Ace on the board and was no help to either. However, a King on the river gave Ballenger a higher set and he raked in the $30,000 pot to put him up to $48,000.

Go Poker! Go militant enforcement of ridiculous update/coverage policies!


Thum said...

Awesome. Still wondering where everyone else is?

Ed said...

WoW. That hand sounds like something Zach would pull off in a heads up tournament or something. Ya know...just could happen...probably would...think it did. :)

Good job, Zach!! Take it home!