Sunday, July 30, 2006

Uh, Can We Recheck Those Odds, Please?

Okay, it's one thing for Phil Helmuth to say he had "horrendous, horrendous" luck when explaining why he busted in only six hours. But does the associated press have to blindly agree? Witness the following quote from this story:
He was victimized as much by bad luck as by the aggressive and unpredictable style of amateur players who fill the field in an event boasting more than 8,600 entrants.
Really? First, he gave away 10 percent of his stack to show up late and make a big entrance. Then his J-J lost to Q-Q, his K-K lost to A-A, and he went out when his A-Q lost to 7-7. He was behind in every instance and never improved. Is his bad luck that he didn't get lucky? Is that part of his winning strategy? Which, when coupled with the photo above, reminds me of something I need to say: Go TBR!

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