Monday, July 03, 2006

WSOP Countdown: 3 Days away...

Our good friend Dantana over at pokerati is keeping himself pretty busy since he showed up in Vegas, logging hours at the table and blogging like mad. One of his posts includes a rather uncomforty description of the scantily clad "marketing" gals schlepping all things poker in the convention center. I wonder of it gave the pronunciationally challenged, slap-unhappy DEE-ko Sheik some pause? Probably not, given what she's likely had to encounter to get to this point.

Frequent commenter "Stan" has suggested that Dan provide "total Buy-in, Cash Outs and Net won listing somewhere" in addition to some pictures. Stan, we know you read here, too, so please be advised that the batfaces will be provided a running "schlogger" of our own so that you can follow our on and off-table progress. Also, we're hoping to provide plenty of pics and video, too, assuming Todd's antics haven't permanently destroyed my phone.

For now, some early Vegas odds:

Odds of a batface cashing in a WSOP event -- 2 to 1
Odds of a batface making a final table at a WSOP event -- 15 to 1
Odds that Freeze will be propositioned by a hooker -- 3 to 2
Odds that he will realize it is a hooker -- 5 to 1
Odds that he will accept after realization -- 3 to 2
Over/Under on time Todd will break down and play poker -- 6 p.m. Friday
O/U on drinks Shane consumes from wheels up to wheels down -- 52
O/U on uncomfortable statements made by Hong K. Sue -- 32
O/U on uncomfortable statements Hong K. Sue directs at Clonie -- 29


Ed said...

I don't know who this Stan fellow is but he sounds like a cool guy. I know I will be watching this blog for updates and pics. You guys are always on top of things! (no pun intended)


Tiny B said...

Over/Under - Number of $5 blackjack hands TBR can afford to play after his last few poker sessions. - 4

Fawcett said...

where do I book the Shane and the over?

Gentle Shane said...

Over/under - Appearances by Steve and/or Tom: 6

Gentle Shane said...

Over/Under: Appearances by Stev and/or Tom. - 6