Thursday, July 27, 2006

A bit curious

Anyone hear about the new Southwest Poker Invitational? After being discouraged by the authorities, the organizers have decided to hold it anyway...Online. Here's part of the email I received:

The tournament that Texas didn't want to happen is back and better than ever! Not only can you take home a piece of poker history by winning the first ever online championship bracelet, but we've added even more prizes! And the best part... The buy-in is only $1.00! Because of this, we are positive that the gorgeous gold and diamond SWPI bracelet will find the wrist of the best poker player in the Southwest!

Prizes: 1st-- The famous gold and diamond 2006 SWPI Bracelet...Plus $250

2nd--The custom crafted Final Table of the SWPI

3rd--Microsoft XBOX 360 Premium Edition

4th-10th--Autographed copy of "How to Win the Championship" by T.J. Cloutier

11th-20th--Southwest Poker Invitiational T-shirt or hat

Couple of things here: 1.) Does anyone know anything about the organizers? $1 buy-in is sort of strange, no? If it was 1K, that would sound more legit. $1 sounds like they got all whacked out on glue before hatching a plan to take the money and run to Wyoming. 2.) How much do you think the bracelet is worth? Because looking at that list, I think I'd rather come in third...


Ed said...

Yeah I wrote Karridy asking if people who were already on Titan could even play. It sounded like I needed to make a new account to do this which is just gay and I don't do gay.

I am sure the $1 price tag is just to get more people interested. Oh and Karridy is probably pretty annoyed he got all these prizes for something that did not happen.


Gonz said...

I found out from a little birdie that the organizers get something like $140 for each player they get to sign up on Titan. Hence the $1 buy-in.

Ed said...

Which is why the last $1 tourney he did only NEW people to Titan were allowed to play. Kind of sucks when you already signed up for that shitty ass site to play in that Pokerati Invitational. The thought of putting more money on there just bothers me...but I know I will do it.

Dan M said...

I am pretty sure Karridy realizes he can't penalize people who already participated in one of his events. He told me as much after the $1 satellites.

He is a good egg -- even though he still owes me close to $1,000, I am pretty sure he is going to pay. (TJ relationship not withstanding.)

With that said, I think this tourney is kinda a fire sale ... getting rid of the goods and trying to make one last stab at generating some cash.

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