Monday, July 24, 2006

WPT has Drawn Suited Connectors

I am so used to counting on our buddy Dan's website for information on the poker world, but he seems too busy discussing credit card roulette at P.F. Changs, that he missed the big lawsuit against the WPT. Some of the biggest names in poker including Raymer, Lederer, and Ferguson filed an antitrust lawsuit agains the WPT. They claim that requiring them to sign away their rights before entering any of their tournaments violates antitrust law. They are also claiming that WPT does not allow any of the big name casinos that host a WPT tournament to hold any other tournaments for broadcast. Here is the WPT's response. I figure that one of the batface lawyers can explain it better.

I will just go back to reporting about the huge credit card roulette game that broke out at the end of a batface lunch last week. Sorry TBR.


Anonymous said...

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