Friday, July 07, 2006

Live post 9

Sitting by the pool at caesars (quite a visual, I know), relaxing after a night of relatively tame fun. Dinner at Fix, night clubbing at Light, craps at the Barbary Coast, etc. Darling somehow found two 22 year old girls from lubbock who joined us for dinner. After they claimed they could drunk us under the table because the three things you do in lubbock are  drinking, fucking and drugging. It soon became clear that these girls, like most, were worthless. It became more clear when one girl threw a little tantrum when Freeze wouldn't share a Xanax with her. After a jaeger shot the girls were in bad shape and thankfully disappered for the night. I think the only one of our group who was upset that they left was Hong Kong sue.

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Tiny B said...

Update: One was 27, the other 24. Also, I may marry Xanax.