Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Listen Up, Tiny B

This is why folks like Tiny B and other Batfaces who berate loose play should take a lesson from Felicia Lee, who ruminates on the psychology of good poker. She explains why part of that is being tolerant of bad poker. My favorite sentence of the post is as follows:
4) I realize that poker is not chess, it is poker, and that I rarely have even as much as 5% of an advantage over the worst player at the table, because of the luck factor


Tiny B said...

Clearly I'm pretty tolerant of poor play if I've put up with you, Dan and TBR every week for five years and even longer than that on a semi-regular basis.
Also, I've brought Darling, Aycock, Ballenger and Fawcett, all huge donkeys, to the game for you to pick on.

Tulsa said...

You = logical.

Gentle Shane said...

The two best items from the Tiny B link:

1. "11 inches". Seriously when was the last time you associated 11 inches with Tiny B?

2. "Tiny B is pregnant." Needs no explanation.