Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gone Missing

Something is definitely up. I believe this picture proves there was some sort of conspiracy involving these three people that only now is coming to light.

First, several sources tell me that noted Dallas law monkey TBR didn't spend his Monday or Tuesday mornings accosting the homeless for the first time in recent memory. There are rumors that he was seen here, specifically at The Sunglass Hut, then later spotted smirking, drinking a large Orange Julius, and "riverdancing" while watching teenage girls ice skate.

Second, noted FoB Clonie Gowen was, according to her web site, supposed to play in the WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno. But according to the Pokerwire updates, she didn't make it. Anyone check Dan's place? Didn't we hide his roofies?

Third, Lou Diamond Phillips's new movie, Bloodlines, in which he plays the badass lead role of Eugene "Vash" Vasher (don't ever call him "Eugene"), seems to have vanished from theaters.

UPDATE: While I remain confused as to the whereabouts of Clonie and TBR, I have found LDP. Apparently, he's been working on a video to help Dan with his game.

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TBR said...

The genius of this picture is, of course, Freeze's non-girlfriend in green behind LDP.