Friday, March 31, 2006

Batface Links

While strange things were amiss in our home game, Batface linksters Scott Fawcett and Todd Phillips made their way to the prestigious 73rd Annual Azalea Invitational Partnership Golf Tournament in Tyler, Texas. This prestigious event pits the top amateur golfers from around the state in a star-studded three day day event.

Some amazing history surrounds the Azalea. First, it is the longest contiguous USGA sanctioned event in the United States. Also, to the chagrin of fellow Batface Tim Rogers (now on Octuple Secret Batface Probation), the Azalea was the first such event to eliminate segregationist match rules when the 1962btournament committee invited heraleded amateurs Jose "El Gato"Cabrinez and Atticus MacLean "The Cat" McOnaghey, III to compete.

The inaugral Azalea was won by pair of up and coming Texans by the name of Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. In fact, it is claimed that Nelson and Hogan both met their future wives at the Azalea, although the future Mrs. Hogan was actually the date of Mr. Nelson and vice versa. In fact, Ben Hogan was almost disqualified from the event after being caught in flagrante delicto in a Tyler boarding house with the future Mrs. Nelson.

Since then, several legendary golfers have launched their careers by winning the Azalea, including: Tommy Bolt, Al Geiberger, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Tome Kite, Ben Crenshaw, Matt Kuchar, Mark Craig and Sergio Garcia.

Assuming our satellite uplink remains intact, we'll be recounting the on course play of our two Batface heroes, Messrs. Fawcett and Phillips.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Fawcett and Phillips report that the pre-tournament gala featured music by the Neville Brothers and Anthrax. Phillips also said the poached salmon was "fuckin' tasty".

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