Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Deco Chic Takes Huge Step up Poker Ladder

I'm on a break from poker. I figured that would mean I was away from blogging as well, unless I happened to come across something that couldn't be missed. I did.

We've found it strange that no one, including Pokerati, has heard from Dan since he and Deco Chic embarked on the Party Poker cruise. We've considered all the options...computer problems, he lost his cruise tickets, heavy drinking, but now it's clear he's disappeared at the hands of Mike Sexton.

Thanks to this blog, for the proof.


tbr said...

Is the fact that Jen appears so happy proof that Dan was not thrown overboard or proof that he was?

Ed said...

The mindless drones that visit pokerati.com have heard from our master. We hope it is he that wrote the latest blogs and not Mike pretending to be our faithful overlord. From the looks of things I am beginning to worry. Mike looked very eager to please on that dance floor.

-Faithful servant and piss boy