Monday, March 06, 2006

Daniel Straight

Neg takes out Clout. Ouchie hand from Pokerwire:
Daniel Negreanu knocks out TJ Cloutier
Daniel Negreanu limped in pre-flop, TJ Cloutier raised,and Negreanu called. The flop came
[10♣][7♠][3♦] and both players checked. The turn came
[8♠], Cloutier bet 20k and Negreanu called. The river came [3♣], Cloutier moved all in and Negreanu called. The players turned up:

Daniel Negreanu [J][9]
TJ Cloutier [10♥][7♣]

Daniel Negreanu eliminated TJ Cloutier with his straight. TJ Cloutier took home $25,000.
Here is DN's take on his day. Looks like his strategy paid off, as it usually does when you're drawing inside on the turn. (Can you fault T.J. for checking the flop there? Discuss.)

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