Tuesday, August 01, 2006


10:38 - Scott: Back from dinner. Railing TBR, Shane is sour.
10:55 - Scott: Shane down.
2:44 - Randy: 12125
3:27 - Scott: 140 tables left in level 6. TBR has 9400 or so and looks sour.
3:32 - Shane: I just ate my own feces.
4:33 - Scott: TBR doubles up with pocket aces against Kings. 18K, 32 mins left in level 6.
4:40 - Scott: He just finished the guy off with pocket Jacks. 22K
5:01 - Scott: 4 min left. 23K
5:08 - TBR: 27875. End of day 1.
5:10 - Tiny B: Very well done. Have fun at Club Paradise.


Gonz said...

Almost a triple up for TBR. You're very good. Keep it up

Gonz said...

Oh, and drink heavy, Shane. Things always look better through an alcohol fog. Hang tough, pal.

Tiny B said...

Randy is completely hammered at the Video Poker Bar at the Rio. He and Fawcett have been drinking for the last 4 hours. Randy just ordered a Grey Goose and vodka. Awesome. Good thinkg he doesn't play until tomorrow.

Ed said...

Why does the guy on the right look so familiar?


Fawcett said...

who is the guy on his right? He was two to my left at the 2500...and funny.

Tiny B said...

I believe that is Davidson Matthew...referenced in a post below and 2nd place finisher in the WPT Championship