Monday, August 28, 2006

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Kelcy sounds like a happy homeowner to about you Adam? Make millions in real estate the Adam Magill way, just tell your friends "oh, you actually get used to the noise." Well played old friend.

From: Kelcy
To: Scott Fawcett
Subject: Happy Birthday Adam

Nothing drives me up a wall morethan repetitive noise. Think clocks ticking, water dripping, toilets running, etc. So the fact that either the street sweeper has stalled right below my window or Kiwi cleaned Elm Street today and left all their fans, is very murmur. Don't be surprised if I have bald spots next time you see me. I am on the verge of going to stay at the W, in case you didn't grasp the severity of the situation. Tomorrow I will write the mortgage company a check for the balance of the loan. Then I will put the title in Adam's name and send it to him in his birthday card. An alternate title for this was; Nightmares on Elm Street.Sincerely, Ms. Bittermen--------------------------Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Device


Adam said...


Anonymous said...

it's not his fault you fell in love with the mark.

Dan M. said...

i love the fact that she uses the phrase "very murmur."

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