Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Go Deadbeats!

Clonie finished in 19th place in yesterday's $1500 NL tourney at the WSOP. For the entire WSOP she now has two cashes and has taken home $5,141, or about 10 times what she owes me.

So far at the WSOP, the 12 members of Team Full Tilt cashed 38 times for $2,750,848. But realize, without Clonie that number would only be $2,745,707.

I wonder if Allen Cunningham will get promoted to the Team from the "Friends of Full Tilt" when/if he wins the Main Event.


Gentle Shane said...


You forgot to add the combined $1000 Clonie owes to you and Dan into the overall Full Tilt total. Technically those are winnings, aren't they?

Tulsa said...

Is this because she wouldn't kiss you at KSP? Or is it because, you know, she's a deadbeat?