Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Original Helpy Post

Due to matrimonial control, my original helpy post was deleted...but suffice to say it was damn funny. If you would like to see a copy of it, please e-mail Dan's girlfriend at

Randy, next time you want to pull one of my posts, just take the fucking thing down. Don't edit the post using my name and password. I'll see you on Thursday. You'll be bleeding by 8:15pm.


TBR said...

Eric, $4.50 to go. I'll let you out for twenty bucks.

Ed said...

$20 on Shane! Gay or not he is a pretty big mother fucker.


Gonz said...

Is this where Shane says you'd better bring a bag lunch and a light bulb? Or is it a lunch box and something else? I can't remember the exact cliché, but it involves something workman-like and some sort of light device--the combination of which is supposed to indicate that he's tough and ready to kick ass.

Anyway, I think this is the point when he does that.

Gentle Shane said...


It is a flashlight and a sack lunch and it is in response to someone threatening to kick MY ass...not the other way around.

Clearly, the message means that anyone planning to do me in had best prepare for a long haul as the job should take quite some time.

In your case, I think I amended the statement to something like "bring a burrito and your siesta bedroll" or something like that.

Miss you.

Not really.

Gonz said...


I'm more of a quesadilla guy, but I like where your head is at.

Tulsa said...

Not to take Sang's bit or anything, but, god, I hate white people

Anonymous said...

I believe the precise accoutrement for Gonz is a cheesesteak and a cigar roller, to accurately reflect his Cubadelphian culture. Or D cells and a raft. Either way.