Monday, August 21, 2006

Exhibit A for Batface media credentials at next year's WSOP...

If these revelations are true, I can't figure out whether it will help or hurt poker. Either way, in a very pokery sense, it's AWESOME. Can't wait to see how ESPN spins all of this.

Bset line: "it is also crude that the mainstream media has never checked any of this out, and keeps calling him an ex-talent agent, and citing this long list of stars he has supposedly been instrumental in creating." Seriously. It's FUCKING POKER.

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Tagg said...

I think it pales in comparison to ESPN's circuit coverage from Bally's, where they did the close-up back story on a kid named "Ricky," a senior at Texas Tech. I think that the real Ricky would have been surprised at the tax bill he got had his younger fraternity brother Chris cashed in the event using his fake ID.