Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Texas-Style Time Waster, #1

Several weeks ago, I made my annual dove-hunting excursion to Sweetwater, Texas for a weekend of camo, killing and manliness. I selected the specific weekend so I could also see the Sweetwater Mustangs engage in a little small-town, Friday-night, grid-iron action. Ranked #13 in the state 3A football rankings, the Mustangs manhandled their larger 4A foes from Big Spring.

However, before we scheduled the trip I thought I would do some research to see if said football game would prove to be unique experience...and it was. Sweetwater's modified bowl stadium is one of the oldest in the state and its design, especially it's end-zone tiering is one of a kind. I found this information at this awesome site. Made up of user submitted photos, you can peruse the vast majority of all football stadiums in the state.

Pretty cool. Kiss at least six hours of your life goodbye.

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