Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 Batface Annual Awards


We've long talked about putting together all kinds of annual awards, but no one ever does it. So, I'm taking the reigns. I've come up with 10 categories that I'm going to award this year. Please feel free to contribute if you want to...or add your own categories. Or go fuck yourself. The awards to come (in later entries) include:

1. Batface Seven Deadly Sin of the Year

2. Batface Poker Performance of the Year

3. Not Really a Batface but Deserving of Batface Credit This Year...uh...person

4. Batface Profession of the Year

5. Batface Playa of the Year

6. Batface Watering Hole of the Year

7. Batface Biblical Reference of the Year

8. Douchebag the Batfaces Hated the Most in 2008

9. Batface Ballsiest Move of the Year

10. Batface Religion of the Year


Tiny B said...

This should be fun. And murmury.

Thum said...

I think murmury is not a strong enough word.

Neal Snow said...

That gal in the picture looks like she's kissing a transparent dildo. I can't be the only one who thinks that.

Danimal said...

I'd like to nominate Neal for some sort of special Batface award. He clearly deserves it.