Sunday, November 23, 2008

And the Award Goes to...(episode 1)

The Batface Profession of the Year is, unquestionably, coaching.

Aaron Mattox led his Trinity Valley football team to a stellar 9-2 record and a runner-up finish in SPC Division II. In the championship game, Aaron's Trojans lost a tough see-saw battle against All-Saints Episcopal, who were led by two players already committed to Texas A&M and Louisiana Tech, which is highly unusual for a school this small. Aaron's kids weren't blessed with nearly this kind of talent, yet they more than held their own - a clear sign of a coach on his A-game. We see big things ahead for for our favorite coach.

Elsewhere, Zach Ballenger decided New York and the wine industry were no match for the call of the whistle, as he packed his bags, headed back to Dallas to pursue additional education which will lead him to the coaching path. Incidentally, his current alma mater is known as "the cradle of coaches."


Gripper said...

Why do you have to have that 41-21 link from the Texas A&M name?

Gentle Shane said...

Because A&M sucks?