Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Award Goes to...(Episode 2)

The competition for Batface Religion of the Year was a tough one. Strong consideration had to be given to Wicca, Nation of Yahweh and Falun Gong. Even good ol' fundamental Christianity put in a strong showing thanks to new Bent Tree member and First Baptist Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress who called Mitt Romney "a cultist" and insinuated that I, Shane Keller, am not OK.

However, the Batface Religion of the Year is unquestionably Mormonism. The goings on of the church are shrouded in secrecy and include bizarre rituals. However, the Batfaces saw first-hand evidence of the positive effects the church can have. Specifically, when its women folk get divorced, they become filthy whores.

Congratulations Mormonism!


Danimal said...

Very well said. They are clearly responsibly for your inability to get married, too, at least in California.

Sommer said...


Neal Snow said...

Why wasn't islam nominated? I don't hear of mormons murdering innocent people, do you? Oh yeah, it's not PC to point out the obvious when it comes to "The religion of peace". Nevermind.