Friday, December 15, 2006

Go Poker

1. Good job, Tulsa.

2. Are you kidding me?


Anonymous said...

I require a larger version of the "Bat Faces" picture in the top left of the article. (Also: Good job Tulsa).

I should also mention that Dan proudly displayed a "Bat Faces" hat during the festivities last week. It did not make me cringe in fear. Maybe that's because Dan was wearing it, hard to say.

Dan M said...

Why does TBR look like Tulsa, and High Roller look like Adam?

Tulsa said...

The artist had no pictures or anything. That's the way he imagined the characters, based on the story.

Most disappointed that, for space, Future Mayor Zac Crain cut out the part about Troy threatening to beat up the 20-year-old posse in the zoot suits.

Dan M said...

Does that mean Tulsa imagines himself as TBR?