Friday, September 15, 2006

House rule #1

I think I am a decent host...usually have plenty o' liquor, beer, food, bread (celeste), smoke all you want and just leave the cig butts on my back porch as if someone will eventually pick them up (Sang), half of Dallas has my garage code, music or ball games as need be, and of course all the Galaga/Dig Dug/Pac-Man/Ms. Pac Man/Mappy/Mr. Do/Gyrus/Frogger/Poker you can handle. But I am officially instating my first house rule of NO MORE PIZZA at poker night. Bring whatever food items you must and feel free to eat as much of my food as you must but due to my COMPLETE lack of self control we are NEVER ordering pizza again.

Unless of course we need more pizza.

Go Batfaces softball!


Gentle Shane said...


I thought you said your first house rule was going to be to institute a gag rule on Thum?

Anonymous said...

I thought that the first House Rule is you do not talk about House Rules.

Gentle Shane said...


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Dantana said...

Really, Scott, how can you compete with Ali Baba at Danang?

Gentle Shane said...

Probability of creepy, bearded cross-dressing postal workers showing up at Scott's house is infinitely lower...unless Sang gives said creepy guy directions to Scott's house.