Thursday, June 29, 2006

WSOP Countdown: 8 Days away...

While perusing all the various poker sites/blogs over the last four days, I've been quite impressed with the Hendon Mob's WSOP presentation thus far. It's amazing how much this site has to offer, particularly considering that it was essentially not much better than our little piece of nothing just a couple of years back.

You'll see that one of their feature writers is Sarah Bilney. Sarah played next to me during day 3 of the 2005 Main Event (Hey, who's that pasty, constipated guy in the white shirt??), where she went on to finish 63rd, good for $145,000, thanks in no small part to getting pocker aces and kings 46 times in two hours and getting paid off every time. It looks like she's used that finish to spingboard a poker career of some sort. (Of course, she is very nice, and she's already cashed in Event #3 this year.)

Which brings up a interesting issue: why is it that so many people who get lucky enought to make some money in the main event suddenly become poker experts? I guess you have to love this "sport," but it seems a little goofy.