Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Donkey Room in Trouble?

As reported over on Pokerati, last night Channel 8 ran an undercover report on poker rooms in Dallas with cameras in The Lounge and references to the Rounders Club. A Batface, who happened to be playing in the Rounders tourney at the time of the news telecast, reports that there was little concern and general laughter and amusement towards the story. The same Batface reports that 3-4 police cars were circling the location as he was leaving around 11pm (no doubt, having busted out while poorly executing some sort of ill-conceived bluff).

It seems like a matter of time before the North Dallas room that we "affectionately" call the Donkey Room has unwanted visitors.


TBR said...

Picture is AWESOME. Sadly, took me a while to get it.

Anonymous said...

tiny b... the donkey room's unwanted loiterers are nothing new. Anyone who's left that establishment at wee hours as been practically escorted to the car by one of the municipality's finest. They watch you walk to the car trying to assess the intoxication level is what i assume. i haven't been approached or followed, but then again those have been on my sober nights.