Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Your Source For Clonie News

Clonie Gowen is a Day 1, Heat 2 (whatever that means) elimination in the Bay 101 Shooting Stars tourney. TBR, recognize this play? I have spent years making you my bitch with similar donkey moves:

[From pokerwire.com]
Clonie raised to 150 preflop and Ali Eslami called. The flop came [4][6][7] with two []. Gowen bet 250, Eslami raised to 1,325, Gowen reraised to 4,500, Eslami pushed all in for a total of 10k, and Gowen called. The players showed:

Clonie Gowen [K][K]
Ali Eslami [6♥][7♥]

The turn and river were blanks and Gowen was eliminated.


Gentle Shane said...

Can someone please buy Tulsa a "I (heart) Eslami" T-shirt?

Tiny B said...

It seems unlikely that I see my money with all-in calls like that.