Friday, February 24, 2006

Clonie Out 8th

Clonie played great, getting knocked out on the TV bubble +1. (Details here.) She finished 8th when her 10-10 couldn't overcome Barry Greenstein's J-J. No word on whether or not Clonie, when she called Greenstein's re-raise of $250K, muttered the famous Sang line, "Fuck it, crack 'em." In related news, the people with whom she's pictured below, Jerome Bettis and TBR, can't seem to dislodge the magic horseshoes they find crammed up their asses. Bettis gets credit for delivering a Super Bowl with his 2.2 yards per carry, and Pink gets credit for playing good poker when people hand him money.

As my rankings indicated, though, people aren't giving this guy enough credit as a rising Batface star.

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