Thursday, February 23, 2006

Clonie Is On Top

Well, that might be stretching it. But the honorary Batface is not on the bottom. She is currently 35th of 98 players left in the L.A. Poker Classic WPT Invitational, sandwiched between Barry Greenstein and Johan Storakers (who finished second to Alex Brenes last year). As one of the four Batfaces whom Clonie doesn't hate, and as someone who danced with her as recently as two weeks ago, I feel compelled to offer not only my sympathy but my support as well: Go Batfaces!


Tiny B said...

Clonie finished in 8th in the WPT Celebrity Freeroll that only paid the top 6. She clearly has learned a lot about the game from Tulsa as shown in this hand.

Clonie Gowen Eliminates Casey Kastle

Casey Kastle moves all in for his remaining $11,000 and is called by Gowen blind. Kastle shows A-K while Gowen has 4-2. Clonie Gowen rivers a the 4h to eliminate Casey Kastle.

Tulsa said...

I love the play.