Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shane makes me smile

In case nobody is aware Andy Beal is smart... if you don't have much to do.

Since I have no ability to write WHATSOEVER, I will just post Shane's humor. Below is his email to me after our deep discussion of the assertions Beal makes in his conjecture.

Can’t you just imagine the interesting table talk resulting from this?

Doyle Brunson: Andy, you might have a hand here, but I feel like gambling. I’ll raise.
Andy Beal: That’s an interesting perspective, Doyle. I remember when I was noodling around on Fermat’s Last Theorem, or “FLT” as we numbers enthusiasts like to call it. At many times, I felt like I just had to stop looking solely at empirical data and start taking some risks, albeit educated ones.
DB: I don’t know what you just said. You said something about noodles and an empire. There was this old Chinese restaurant in Beaumont called “Royal Empire”. I never ate noodles there, though.
AB: I’ll re-raise. However, I’m talking about a mathematical equation. It relates to the supposed impossibility of any two co-prime numbers being raised to an identical exponent and their sum equaling a corresponding sum when raised to the same exponent.
DB: Uh, OK. You know, I killed a man once.

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