Sunday, February 25, 2007

HULB Final

Son of Sue - 2
Grifter - 1

Much quicker rubber match. I came out more aggressive and it payed off in the end. On the 16th hand, I raised with 99 on the button. Call. Flop comes A93, 2 hearts. I bet half the pot. Quick call. Turn is a 5. I bet the pot, he goes all in and I call. He turns over A5 and the river doesnt help. Man down.


Tiny B said...

The Todd always wins.

Speaking of Todd winning, Shane down. Tum - when do you want to play?

Thum said...

I'm free all week. Bent Tree or Scott's. Doesn't matter.

Congrats Zach. Knew Celeste had no chance. Why did you start with $1500tc? We all played with $200tc.

son of sue said...

thanks thum. We could't modify the structure online. 1500tc, 5 minute blinds, starting at 10-20. Its actually a good structure. The 2nd game we played over 100 hands.

Thum said...

See you in the next round after I beat Todd with 93o in the first round causing him to rip and throw the cards into the flat screen resulting into an immediate disqualification.

dan m said...

have to admit ... am rooting against zach, just because his online play doesn't quite fit into the structure/begs for guff from gonz.